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Some people like violence so much, that they decide to create a club in which human hunts are organized - members being alternately hunters, and prey, until they end up dead.

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original title: The 10th Victim

genge: Action,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7

duration: 1h 32min

tags: The Fun Lies Dead Ahead!


keywords: sexscene, survivalgame, humanhuntingahuman, satire, frameup, framedformurder, italy, violence, game, sword, bulletfiringbra, bra, hiredkiller, death, murder, ritual, 21stcentury, toyrobot, thrownintoa

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A campy futuristic tale where people hunt one another for sport. In this film, Victim and Hunter run around Italy trying to score a kill in front of the movie crews they arranged so they could make commercials from the footage. In the near future, violence is controlled in societies avoiding wars. Killing is allowed to violent individuals in a game called Big Hunt where the participants are alternatively Hunter or Victim. The winner of each round is awarded with a prize and the survivor after ten rounds, wins one million dollar award (in 1965). When the American huntress Caroline Meredith completes her ninth round, she comes to Rome to kill her tenth victim. She negotiates with the sponsor Ming Tea Company to kill his victim in front of the cameras. The cynical Marcello Poletti is her target and has just succeeded in his marriage annulment with Lidia but has not disclosed to his lover Olga. Marcello suspects that Caroline is his hunter, but is not sure; further he falls in love with her and he is reluctant to kill her. (Flash Review)

Pop Art in visual and Pop Art in concept. In a surreal and modern looking future, Italian city has a creative solution to eliminate violence from society; legalize murder! For those with a thirst for violence and killing, you could join a televised contest where if you survive long enough and are very crafty and sly you could win one million dollars, thereby getting the violence off the streets and contained within the contest boundaries. This is far from a gory- fest, more a novel plot concept with some twists that fits perfectly within the wild and bold 60's fashions. With interesting cinematography throughout, this film sloooowly builds tension and you eventually are presented with a decent payoff. After storming the world as James Bond's first Bond Girl, Ursula Andress carries the film. Intentionally campy, this is what one would expect from a unique and stylish 60's Italian film. Very silly, very early 1960s, very Italian, very stylish and in the end very sexy and very amusing. This variant of The Dangerous Game does not start well and is far more confusing than it need be but the more it goes on and the more we saw of Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress the more fun it gets. Having recently seen Andress give a great performance with Stanley Baker in Perfect Friday, I was delighted to see she is just as good here, helping proceedings enormously with her great looks and performance. Mastoianni is as reliable as ever but doesn't look so good with blond hair and doesn't seem 100% comfortable all the time. Hard to classify and also hard to rate because although by the end I was smiling broadly, was not anything like as happy at the start. Very strange film and it sits even more strangely within the output of director, Elio Petri but certainly worth seeing and if you like Andress, you will love it. The movie was filmed in Italian, and English dubbing was added in later. The subtitles match the original Italian dialogue, not the English dubbing.


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